• How do I purchase the 3D printed models of mandible and maxilla ?

When purchasing the 3D models of mandible or maxilla, please upload the DICOM files. Please send it by .dcm file format. Do not send it by zip format or any other file formats.

  • What is necessary to purchase the full-arch implant prosthesis? 

When ordering full-arch implant prosthesis, you will need to send the patient's study model to design and plan the prosthesis. If you have any requests (lip support, tooth shades, etc.) for the prosthesis, please feel free to contact us. Facial scan data taken with our facial scan body will also assist in designing the prosthesis.

  • What if the final prosthesis needs adjustments?

If adjustments are necessary for the full-arch fixed prosthesis, the fee for the adjustments are 12,000 JPY per tooth. For further information, please individually contact us.

  • What if the screw for the full-arch implant prosthesis is damaged?

The cost of the full-arch implant prosthesis includes the fee for the screws. In case the screw is damaged and new screws are necessary, you will be charged with additional fee for the numbers of screws needed. 


If you have any other questions on our store, products or anything else, please feel free to contact us.